Corporate Events

It’s undoubtedly the most breathtaking view of the entire Riviera from above. The Settimo Piano panoramic restaurant, located on the rooftop of Hotel Lungomare in the center of Riccione, facing the sea, is the perfect space for any event that wants to be remembered for its unique scenery: the sky, the infinite blue of the water, the old harbor, and all of Riccione at your feet. It’s enchanting, and it will take your breath away before surprising you.

The furniture design harmoniously blends with the colors of the surrounding nature, giving the refined atmosphere a touch of intimacy and pleasant relaxation. Your gaze will get lost in the colors that change as time passes, and every meal will turn into an occasion of absolute beauty.

You can choose a Brunch for a formal business meeting, a Cocktail dinner to immerse yourself in the magic of the sunset, or a full dinner under the stars. Sitting at the table, you can appreciate the authentic flavors of the sea with dishes reworked by executive chefs who can create the perfect balance between traditional Mediterranean cuisine and new sensations for your taste buds. The proposals are always prepared with fresh fish, carefully selected ingredients, and a contemporary taste.

The location can be reserved exclusively from sunset until after dinner for special events. Together we will find the most astonishing formula.